Minimize Vehicle and Travel Expenses, Save For Emergencies

During this pandemic times, we all need to save money and minimize expenses to allot for emergencies.  Here are some tips that car owners can take into consideration to save on their vehicle and travel expenses.

    1)  Plan your trips for the day to reduce fuel consumption
Consolidate your destinations so that you travel within a given area for the day.  Map the shortest and most efficient route to each destination in your trip for the day. Take into consideration the traffic times and rush hours.
 2)  Always maintain your vehicle in good condition.
Follow the regular maintenance check-up needed. This will help minimize the wear and tear of your vehicle’s parts.
Inspect your vehicle before every trip – tires, tire pressure, oil, water, brake fluids, do a 360-degree physical inspection of your vehicle.
When buying new tires or parts replacements, always use the recommended specifications of your car’s manufacturer.
3) Be updated, be informed, improve your driving skills.
A lot of long-time drivers seldom update their knowledge in driving. But vehicles are ever changing, always being updated and upgraded.  Know your vehicle, its features, functions and how to operate each features properly.  Doctors continuously study and attend conventions and seminars to keep informed because of the progress in medicine, you should adopt their attitude and foresight. Information is readily available through the internet – search, surf, browse, watch and read. Some car dealers or manufacturers offer free driving seminars for drivers to know how to drive their vehicles. Take advantage of this.

REMINDER:  Stay Safe. Keep Healthy. Practice Social Distancing. Vote Wisely.   The web active search results.

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