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    This news page will not be complete without mentioning "PACMAN" - Manny Pacquiao, a great Filipino boxer with a humble heart.  His boxing
    prowess has brought him to the limelight.  So many things have been written about him - mostly good things  but controversy always hounds the
    famous.  He now has his own column "KUMBINASYON" where he can express his thoughts and communicate to the world.

    October 6, 2007 - I was with my mother, her classmates and my husband  in a home in Pasig Green Park where they had a mini reunion.  In the
    midst of their celebration, we watched enthusiastically his bout with Antonio Barrera from a television set in the corner of the party area.   In between
    intermissions, they'd sing and talk, but when the next round came, all eyes would be focused to the screen everyone cheering him on.  Manny
    Pacquiao won by unanimous decision.  Truly he is a Filipino that makes us proud to be a Filipino.
    The Philippine LTO just finished its week long anniversary celebration last week (April 23-27,2007).  Each LTO district nationwide competed in sports
    like volleyball etc.  What was notable at the LTO Head Office were automobile displays most particularly, the Philippine Air Conditioned JUMBO
    JEEPNEY equipped with a brand new ISUZU ENGINE, transmission, axle & accessories.  Franchising is open nationwide.  For more information,
    visit your nearest LTO/LTFRB Agency.
    This is one viable project that is worth being considered by the Filipino Entrepreneurs.
    There is a race on for a clean alternative source of energy as the
    thrust towards awakening the global consciousness to a greener
    earth is supported by various movements all over the world.

    The Philippines has joined the energy race.  SINAG - is the first
    Philippines Solar-powered car.  It is a showcase of Filipino
    Engineering ingenuity.  It boasts of the highest efficient
    commercially available solar cell in the world and was
    conceptualized and built by the dedicated students and faculty of
    De La Salle University-Manila, with the help and partnership of the
    Philippine Solar Car Society, Inc. which has in its roster some of the
    biggest names in local industry: Ford Group Philippines, San Miguel
    Corporation, Motolite, Shell, SunPower, Philippine Airlines, and
    Ventus. The Society also counts among its members Aurora,
    Cabrera Lavadia and Associates, JWT, Creasia, Merritt Partners,
    Tuason Training School, Gochermann Solar Technology, and
    Stratworks, Inc.

    Meantime, in Makati City, two (2) electric-powered jeepneys have
    been launched in the public service routes of the Business center in
    a trial run for six (6) months.