Gear Up and get ready for the "THE FAMILY EVENT OF THE YEAR"!
    Isuzu invites you to be part of its nationwide fuel economy competition.  If you think you have what
    it takes to be the next champion, bring your Driver & Navigator tandem to the nearest Isuzu dealer
    and register your Isuzu Vehicle.  Qualified applicants will be treated to a day of fun and excitement
    along with their families.
    Qualified Isuzu Vehicles:  Isuzu Crosswind - XL, XT, XTi, XUV (MT), XUVi (MT), Sportivo (MT) /
    Isuzu D-Max - LT, LX (MT), LS (4x2 MT) / Isuzu ALTERRA (4x2 MT) / 2002 - 2008 models only /
    Total Odometer reading is 100,000 kms or below.
    DEALERS                                        EVENT DATE            DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION
    Isuzu EDSA & Quezon Avenue                        June    7, 2008                          May 30, 2008
    Isuzu Manila & Commonwealth                   June 14, 2008                           June 6, 2008
    Isuzu Alabang & Pasig                                     June 21, 2008                           June 13, 2008
    Isuzu San Pablo                                                June 28, 2008                            June 20, 3008
    Isuzu Makati                                                       July 5, 2008                                June 27, 2008
    Isuzu Cavite                                                       July 26, 2008                              July 18, 2008
    Isuzu Isabela                                                     August 2, 2008                          July 25, 2008
    Isuzu Cabanatuan                                            August 9, 2008                          August 1, 2008
    Isuzu Bulacan                                                    August 16, 2008                       August 8, 2008
    Isuzu Pampanga                                              September 6, 2008                  August 29, 2008
    Isuzu Pangasinan                                            September 13, 2008                September 5, 2008
    Isuzu Batangas                                                 September 20, 2008                September 12, 2008
    Isuzu Mandaue / Cebu                                     October 11. 2008                      October 3, 2008
    Isuzu Davao                                                       October 18, 2008                      October 10, 2008
    Isuzu Iloilo                                                          October 25, 2008                      October 17, 2008
    Isuzu Bacolod                                                    November 8, 2008                    October 31, 2008
    Isuzu Cagayan de Oro                                     November 15, 2008                  November 7, 2008
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2008 Isuzu Sportivo & Crosswind
models  pictures
The 2008 Isuzu Sportivo and Crosswind models is anchored on "Understated Elegance", a unique look
of SUV impression - a stylishly tough and reliable workhorse.  Its interior is clad in a luxurious Beige and
vinyl/Perforated Leather Combination seats embroidered with a SPORTIVO LOGO on its headrests.  Its
exteriors are now accentuated by an innovative radiator grille; new sleek design roof rail; redesigned
High Mount stop lamp and new spearical spare tire cover design.  The 2008 colors are Onyx Black,
Canyon Red, Infinite Gold,  Light Blue Metallic, Glacial White, Sterling Silver, Tornade Red and Mercury

For the price list and more information visit here.
2008 Isuzu Sportivo and 2008 Isuzu Crosswind models available February 2008
Isuzu Philippines Corporation treated its authorized marketing professionals nationwide to a one was
attended by 180 delegates and guests from Isuzu Thailand.  We were transported by buses to the
Development Academy in the Philippines from various designated pick up points buses to the
Development Academy in the Philippines from various designated pick up points in Metro Manila.  After a
sumptuous lunch and the Welcome Remarks, we listened to the "President's Report" of Isuzu Philippines'
President, Mr. Keiji Takeda, that recapped the sales performance of the nationwide Isuzu Sales force.  
This year's Isuzu Sales Rally theme is about Heroes, which we were aptly called.  

After a Salesmanship seminar we were then brought to the picturesque Canyon Woods Resort in Laurel,
Batangas. This year's team building focused on the latest Isuzu Vehicles.  Each team was tasked to
complete procedures at several stations.   The tasks were - tire changing, blue tooth operation, engine
parts identification and the first 3 preventive maintenance procedures.  Based on the Heroes' Theme,
each group of Dealer representatives were requested to present a jingle.  An enjoyable event as it brought
out the creativity in everyone.  The highlights of the 2008 Isuzu Sales Rally were the 4x4 Driving at 4WD Off
Road Range and the Slalom Driving.  Unfortunately, I was just a backrider as I have not recovered fully
from my left knee operation.  However, I did record a video of my ride on the 4x4 driving range that brought
out the great power and capabilities of our 2008 Isuzu DMAX 4x4 vehicle.  
See the DMAX 4x4 driving here.

The 2008 Isuzu Sales Rally culminated with a night long Heroes Party were we donned our favorite
heroes' costumes.
2008 Isuzu Sales Rally highlighted by the 2008 Isuzu DMAX 4x4 Driving Experience
The 2008 Isuzu Alterra models will be on display at the SM Mall of Asia, December 7 - 11, 2007.

These models' new features are blue tooth wireless technology, USB Port, chromed interior door handles, reverse camera, integrated keyless
immobilizer,  Euro design side view mirror with turning lights.  Free Dual Zone Headset and miniature 2008 Isuzu Alterra model for the first 155 buyers.  
2008 Isuzu Alterra prices here
2008 Isuzu ALTERRA launched at the SM Mall of Asia, December 7, 2007
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2008 Isuzu Alterra at SM Mall of Asia
At the SM Mall of Asia
2008 Isuzu DMAX 4x4 Off Road Driving Video
2007 Isuzu Vehicles Video
2007 Isuzu Alterra Video
2007 Isuzu Sportivo Video
2007 Isuzu Crosswind XT Video
Isuzu DMAX Video
2007 Isuzu Global DMAX Video
2007 Philippine Motor Show Video
Isuzu Vehicle News Archive 1
Isuzu Vehicle News Archive
2008 Isuzu Alterra image
2008 Isuzu Alterra Rear Camera Eye image
2008 Isuzu Alterra Dashboard image
2008 Isuzu Alterra Slim Subwoofer image
2008 Isuzu Alterra
    Now accepting orders for the  Isuzu Global DMAX LS 4x4 models  ........   see prices here
    2008 Isuzu Alterra and 2007 Isuzu Alterra have same specifications except for the added features stated above.  See Isuzu Alterra Specs here.
Effective May 1, 2008 unit prices of Isuzu Sportivo and Isuzu Crosswind XUV models will increase.
Waiting for our turns to experience
Four Wheel Driving
2008 Isuzu Sales Rally
PASKOLUBONG PROMO of ISUZU PHILIPPINES is until December 31, 2008 ........ view details here
J.D. Power Asia Pacific's Customer Satisfaction Index  on the various brand new vehicles sold here in the Philippines.
October 31, 2008 - Halloween Day -  SHAKE RATTLE AND RUN sponsored by ISUZU Philippines was held at BHS, Taguig.  A 5
kilometer fun run with the participants all dressed in their Halloween costumes.  
 See pictures here
Prices of all Isuzu Vehicles will increase on January 2, 2009.  New prices to be announced soon.