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Did you know that        -
1.     The Department of Energy (DOE) has developed a vehicle that runs on natural gas.  The natural gas
    vehicle (NVG) has been road-tested in Isabela and vehicle used was the Isuzu Hi-Lander 4JA1, direct
    injected diesel engine.
    Source:  TXTMANIA

2.     The name "Isuzu" appeared in the first trademark of 1934.  The name comes from the Isuzu River

3.     In 2005, Isuzu was the world's largest manufacturer of medium duty trucks.

4.     In 1949, Isuzu was adopted as company name.

5.     Isuzu introduced the Gemini, which is co-produced with General Motors in 1973.

6.     The movie Spy Kids featured the Isuzu Axiom and Isuzu Trooped in 2001.

7.     Isuzu is famous for producing commercial vehicles and diesel engines -  it produced 16 million
    diesel engines in 2003 alone, which can be found in vehicles all over the world.
    Source:  WIKIPEDIA

8.     Isuzu Motors was the first car builder in Japan.  Tokyo Automobile Industries Co., Ltd., Isuzu's
    predecessor, was established through the merger of Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding & Engineering
    Co., Ltd., and the Motor Vehicle Department of Tokyo Gas & Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., both of which
    has been engaged in the domestic manufacturing of motor vehicles since the 1910s.

9.     In 2000, Isuzu Motors Ltd. maintained its position as Japan's largest truck manufacturer in the
    category of medium and heavy-duty trucks with gross vehicle weight (GVW) of at least 6.1 tons
    (14,000 lbs), producing 64,840 units in 2000.  

10.   Isuzu Motors Pilipinas was established in 1989, fully owned by Isuzu Motors Limited in Japan.  To pave
    the way for a new and even better joint venture, the company ceased its operations in 1995.

11.   August 7, 1995 marked the birth of Isuzu Philippines Corporation, an enviable forging of forces among
2007 ISUZU Sportivo and Crosswind ..... NOW AVAILABLE - 2007 Variants - XL,  XT, XTi, XUV and Sportivo (MT and AT) are now equipped with
a EURO 2, 4JA1 Low Charged Turbo.  The SPORTIVO, reputed to be the "only" AUV with the looks and attitude of an SUV, adds another "first"
    A superb audio system with an integrated multi-function 3-inch monitor that serves as: a "3rd eye" to complement the spoiler mounted
    reverse camera, to watch your favorite DVD/VCD movies, as a multi-function set-up screen (for radio/CD titles, track etc), electronically
    controlled retractable side view mirrors ...... The XTi, the newest inclusion occupies the top spot in the standard category with aggressive
    interior styling - bucket seats for driver and passenger, 70/30 2nd row seat configuration and front facing 3rd row seats.  A guaranteed hit for
    those looking for style, practicality, fuel efficiency and riding comfort rolled in one.
    Now with EXTENDED WARRANTY - 3 years or 100,000 kms whichever comes first
2007 Isuzu SPORTIVO and 2007 Crosswind models ....... Beauty, Space, more SUV Comfort, interior car-like features ..... now coupled with
low-charged turbo.... fuel  consumption is more efficient than ever and environment-friendly meeting EURO II fuel emission standards -  the
ever dependable  Isuzu 4JA1-L Engine ......FLEXRIDE Suspension System for better absorption of road shocks, Lever Hand brakes, Reverse
sensors, now a Reverse Camera in the 2007 Isuzu Sportivo  .......ISUZU ------ ALWAYS A TOUGH ACT TO FOLLOW ....
2007 Isuzu Sportivo
2007 Isuzu Crosswind XTi
2007 Isuzu Crosswind XUV
2007 Isuzu Crosswind XT
Elegance defined in the new 2007 ISUZU ALTERRA  - new chrome front grills with fin inserts, new design  projector type headlights, new
design circular fog lamps,  more luxurious and elegant interior for your discerning taste -  light cafe colored leather/vinyl seat material, black
dashboard with wood panels, Optitron meter gauge (Ambient Temperature Display, Fuel Consumption Info etc), improved and comfortable
2nd row seats, the 5.1 Home Theater Surround System for all variants.  New classy colors of Pearl Silver, Dune Grey, Sterling Silver, Starry
Black and Alpine White.
ISUZU ALTERRA is awarded a quality excellence award - the prestigious Seal of Product Quality (Best Sport Utility Vehicle) a joint project  of
the National Council for Product and Service Quality and Consumer Today Magazine. This is based on consumer survey and market
research.  The awards are bestowed on companies, products and services that have achieved product quality and excellence.
The 2007 ISUZU Alterra was launched Nov. 30, 2006 at the SM Mall of Asia.  The mall display was from Nov. 30, 2006 - Dec. 5, 2006.  It
culminated with a successful (Isuzu Philippines Sponsored) Gary V Concert at the Center Stage for all ISUZU patrons.  
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