Electronic Fuel Injection System  -  A system that injects fuel into the engine and includes anelectronic control unit to time and
    Electronic Ignition System  -  An ignition system that uses transistors and other semiconductor devices as an electronic switch to turn
    the primary current on and off.

    Emissions (Exhaust)  -  Toxic gases created when an engine burns gasoline, emitted in the form of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon
    monoxide and oxides of nitrogen.

    Four Wheel Drive (4WD)  -  In a Four Wheel Drive System, a secondary transmission assembly, called a transfer case, is driven from
    the main transmission.  The transfer case distributes power to both axles to drive all four wheels.  It is the heart of the Four-Wheel
    Drive system.  Four-Wheel Drive can be full-time, in which power is delivered to both axles at all times or part-time, where the driver
    selects two or four-wheel drive.  Four wheel drive is often combined with independent suspension systems and off-road type tires to
    enhance drivability on rough, off-road terrain, or on-road drivability in unfavorable driving conditions.

    Front-Wheel Drive (FWD)  -  A drive system where the engine and transaxle components apply the driving force to the front wheels
    rather than the rear wheels.  Benefits of Front-Wheel drive include:  Maximized passenger space, enhanced cargo area, excellent drive
    traction; particularly on wet or slippery surfaces, since the drive is through the front wheels, which carry a heavier load.

    Fuel Injection  -  A method of delivering fuel under pressure into an engine's combustion chamber.  Fuel injection systems can be
    single-point, multi-point, etc.  Replaces carbureted system.

    Fuel Injection,  Electronic  -  A computer-controlled method of delivering fuel under pressure.  The computer monitors signals from
    coolant temperatures, manifold vacuum, exhaust oxygen sensor, and engine cranking sensor.  It "tells"  the injectors to release and
    adjust the fuel to yield an air/fuel mixture assuring engine operation well matched with emission requirements, optimum fuel
    economy and overall vehicle performance.

    Fuel Pump  -  A mechanical or electrical device that draws fuel from the fuel tank and delivers it to the carburetor or injectors.
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