First Philippine International Motor Show  [Archives]
August 9 - 12, 2007
Toyota FT XS rear view image
Toyota FT SX cut away image
Pictures of Concept Vehicles displayed at the 1st Philippine International Motor Show
The MITSUBISHI CONCEPT-CT MIEV is a modern compact vehicle with a scooter-inspired design and a
hybrid system that uses lithium-ion batteries and four in-wheel motors.
Its main technical highlight is its hybrid system that combines a 1.0 liter 3-cylinder motor with a max output of
50kW (68 hp)
The Mitsubishi Concept CT MIEV is the first vehicle to apply a hybrid drive system to the MIEV next generation
electric vehicle concept that utilizes in-wheel motors and high energy-density lithium-ion batteries as core
The end result is a high-performance hybrid vehicle that delivers not only high levels of environmental
performance, but also power and driving performance superior to conventional gasoline vehicles.
Developed to be the fastest road car.
A car that delivers the ultimate in motoring
satisfaction and pleasure by enabling the
driver to extract its full performance potential.
Aggressively purposeful styling.  
Performance-oriented interior.  And the
ultimate in road performance as Super
All-Wheel Control raises the vehicle
dynamics bar to new heights.
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A concept vehicle or
show vehicle
is a car
prototype made to showcase
a concept, new styling and
new technology. They are
often shown at motor shows
to gauge customer reaction to
new and radical designs
which may or may not have a
chance of being produced.

General Motors designer
Harley Earl is generally
credited with inventing the
concept, or show, car, and did
much to popularize it through
its traveling Motorama shows
of the 1950s.

Concept cars never go into
production directly; in modern
times all would have to
undergo many changes
before the design is finalized
for the sake of practicality,
safety and cost. A
"production-intent" vehicle, as
opposed to a concept vehicle,
serves this purpose.

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